Nut Free NYC

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  • You have questions or comments.
  • You have ANY other allergy related requests. This is a new website, and I am always looking to expand.
  • You know of an allergy friendly restaurant that I don't!

This website is dedicated to finding allergen-free and allergy friendly dining choices. I live in New York City and have a severe allergy to all tree nuts and peanuts. I have found dining out to be a challenge, to say the least. I started this website so I could help others make dining choices that are safe.

Visit my restaurants page to see the list of restaurants I have compiled so far!



*The material on this website is a compilation of my research, and is based on my own experience.  It is intended as a helpful starting point for those with allergies.  However, due to the seriousness and uniqueness of each individual's allergy, it remains imperative that each person confirms the safety of the product or restaurant for his or herself.

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